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This program is made available to clients who are secondary graduates to acquire short term courses or College Diploma in coordination with private or government schools/institutions.


Policies and Guidelines: (High School and College)

1. Qualification of Beneficiaries

  • Person with Restored Liberty (PRL) or his Children.

  • A high school graduate with an average grade of 80 up without below 80% grades in all the subjects.


2. Requirements


  • Must be endorsed by a referring party with complete background Information (Referral Letter and Intake Form)

  • In case of Children of PRL, proof of birth

  • Copy of Form 138 or Transcript of Record


3. Benefits of the Program:


a. Tuition and miscellaneous fees in an amount not exceeding P20,000/ semester

b. A monthly stipend for transportation not to exceed 3,000/month

c. Scholars with honors shall be entitled to cash incentives as follows

  • 5,000 Summa Cum Laude

  • 3,000 Magna Cum Laude

  • 2,000 Cum Laude

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